Poster presentations are interactive and give conference attendees an opportunity to gain in-depth understanding directly from presenters. In line with the theme for the 2019 ISTF Conference, posters will represent projects that deal with the resilience of tropical forest landscapes and peoples in the face of disturbance and transgression.

Predicting resilience in a deforestation hotspot: A 20-year perspective on forest diversity, growth, and mortality in the Humid Chaco of Formosa, Argentina
Emily Briggs

Livelihood Transition and Changing Role of Community Forestry in Myanmar
Thel Phyu Phyu Soe

Land Use Decision Making in Wassa Amenfi, Ghana: A Landscape Approach
Ben Williamson

Non-state certification of sustainable palm oil for the smallholders in Sumatra, Indonesia
Ernawati Apriani

Impacts of fire on population dynamics of Pinus merkusii forest in Indonesia
Diny Hartiningtias

Survival Models of Acacia mangium Willd. (Fabaceae) and the Relation to Productivity in Industrial Forest Plantation in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Muhamad Nurhuda Nugraha

Land Cover Mapping and Change Detction for Thuma Area, Malawi
Mihla Phiri

What enables restoration? Understanding watershed restoration, political dynamics and ‘Free Labour’ in Tigray, Ethiopia 
Emily Sigman

Management and conservation of the Miombo woodland in the context of a mining environment in Haut-Katanga (Democratic Republic of Congo): What is the role of the University?
Jonathan Ilunga Muledi

Forest Cover Changes in Nepal: Insight from the Middle Mountain and Lowland Terai Region of Nepal
Shankar Adhikari