Flash Talks

Flash talks are presentations where each speaker has 10 minutes to showcase their work and then 2 minutes to answer questions. Flash talks give attendees the chance to showcase their latest research and work as it relates to the thought, experiences, and methods used for restoration in tropical forest landscapes.

Friday, January 31st

  Session 1: Alternatives for Restoration Policy - Kroon 321  
Presenter Presentation Title Time
Rayna Benzeev Targeting forest restoration potential: applying spatial prioritization in Bahia, Brazil 2:30-2:42
Kashimana Ivo Land requirements for endagered mammal species in Nigeria 2:42-2:54
Stephanie Chizmar The economics of Silvopastoral Systems in Amazonas, Peru 2:54-3:06
Yani Septiani Ecosystem Restoration: Role model for reducing greenhouse gas emission from production forest in Indonesia 3:06-3:18
Stella Schons Restoration as a Path to Environmental Compliance in the Brazilian Amazon: An Optimal Policy Mix Approach 3:18-3:30
  Session 2: Novel Restoration Efforts - Kroon 319  
Presenter Presentation Title Time
V. Andrea B. Zambrano Re-Viva La Primavera: Restoring ecosystems and communities 2:30-2:42
Carolina Toapanta Area of Conservation and Sustainable Use: Empowering Communities and Promoting Sustainable Land-use Management at Manabí, Ecuador 2:42-2:54
Marshall Adams The FLEGT VPAs and Forests: Assessing the State of Actual Implementation and Effectiveness in five Sub-Saharan Countries 2:54-3:06
Sheila Ward Legacy tropical forest datasets: let us find them and use them for tropical restoration 3:06-3:18
Richard Donovan Innovative Field Performance Assessment Approach for Restoration Globally 3:18-3:30
  Session 3: Ethnographical Perspectives - Burke Auditorium  
Presenter Presentation Title Time
Meagan Rathjen Is forest restoration a solution to water insecurity and climate change in rural Bolivia? 2:30-2:42
Chris Tapnio Village level green-gray management and Restoration strategies for coastal protection: The case of Polillo Islands, Philippines 2:42-2:54
Austin Scheetz Land sharing, innovation and cultural change: lessons from Laikipia County, Kenya 2:54-3:06
Zeynab Jouzi Exploring the Strength of Association Between Vegetation Cover and Malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa 3:06-3:18
Liz Felker Social Considerations for Tropical Forest and Landscape Restoration: A Review of the Literature 3:18-3:30

Saturday, February 1st

  Session 1: Local Restoration - Kroon 321  
Presenter Presentation Title Time
Dinali Jayasinghe Community Efforts in Conserving the Knuckles Forest Range 3:00-3:12
Binsar Sihotang Restoring Peatland in the village level; Lessons from women’s village facilitator in Kalimantan Barat - Indonesia 3:12-3:24
Md. Abiar Rahman Can homestead agroforestry restore forest resources? - A case in the deforested area of Bangladesh 3:24-3:36
Paul Fuge Bio-char Community and Forest Wellness 3:36-3:48
Mahendranath Busgopaul Safeguarding tropical forests in Mauritius by empowering the population with a culture of growing mangroves 3:48-4:00
  Session 2: Ecology Focused Restoration - Kroon 319  
Presenter Presentation Title Time
Lorena Benitez Reconciling the Role of Elephants in Restoration 3:00-3:12
Diego Ellis Soto Restoration of the Galapagos through giant tortoises: Insights from inhabited and uninhabited islands 3:12-3:24
Amy Zuckerwise Tracking the tigrillo: indigenous knowledge for ocelot conservation in the Bolivian Amazon 3:24-3:36
Mariya Chechina and Yannick Neveux Designing high biodiversity, mixed-species native tree reforestation trial in the Philippines 3:36-3:48
Sarah Wilson Challenges and opportunities for implementing natural regeneration as a restoration strategy 3:48-4:00
  Session 3: Demographical Views on Restoration - Burke Auditorium  
Presenter Presentation Title Time
Tomasz Falkowski The Importance of Local Perceptions in Restoration 3:00-3:12
Tamara Greenstone-Alefaio Case Study: The Micronesia Conservation Trust: supporting communities to conserve their terrestrial resources for the future 3:12-3:24
Roseo Marquez How colonization changed traditional resource management in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia  3:24-3:36
Sandra Vasquez Creating environmental student groups in agricultural high schools in rural Panama 3:36-3:48
Nathaniel Annorbah Progressing restoration in Ghana through education: the status quo, limitations and opportunities 3:48-4:00