Forestland Investment

Sustainable forest management creates conservation value but often has difficulty attracting capital to manage production. Meanwhile, institutional investors often see forest land investment as an attractive portfolio element.

How can forestry manage for conservation and at the same time attract financial capital?


Community Forest Enterprise Competitiveness, Mexico

Fred Cubbage,

Professor, North Carolina State University

Dr. Cubbage is a renowned scholar in international forestry, policy, and economics. He is also the editor of the Encyclopedia of Forests and Forestry in the Americas.


Investing in International Forestry

Esben Brandi,

Investment Manager, International Woodland Company

The International Woodland Company is a global provider of forest investment services founded on combined forestland management and investment experience, with approximately $3 billion invested in forest land properties around the world, including Peru, Panama, Brazil, Mozambique, and Uganda.

Economically sustainable reforestation

Andreas Eke,

Director and co-founder, Futuro Forestal, Panama

Founded in 1994 by Iliana Armién and Andreas Eke, Futuro Forestal S.A. is considered the tropical forestry industry’s first ‘impact’ investment manager, benefiting from 18 years of experience in the field.

Timber backed bonds in Costa Rica

Max Tattenbach

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

For reforestation and plantation projects, a proposed mechanism to securitize timber futures to access finance from capital markets.

Political Risk Insurance for Forestry Investment

Jon Sullivan,

Vice President of Certification, Eco Planet Bamboo

Eco Planet Bamboo is a large commercial forestry operator of bamboo, with locations in Nicaragua and South Africa. Eco Planet bamboo also holds carbon offsets and is validated by VCS. This presentation will address the experience of EcoPlanet Bamboo in their use of political risk insurance from the World Bank to raise capital for their international forestry projects.


Roberto Waack,

CEO, Amata Company, Brazil

Amata is a Brazilian forestry and forest products company that works closely with FSC in Brazil to promote the use of low-impact forestry techniques. Amata is a recently elected board member of FSC Brazil.