Regional Achievements of Conservation Initiatives

These sessions will examine the regional achievements of international financing tools of REDD+, carbon financing and payments for ecosystem services.

Latin America

The Compensation Fund in the Peruvian Amazon: Equitable and Transparent REDD+ Benefit Sharing

Hannah Stutzman

Director of Programs,
Amazon Conservation Association

Indigenous REDD

Kate Horner

Director of Forest Campaigns, Environmental Intelligence Agency

The Surui Forest Carbon Project, Brazil

Pedro Soares

Institute for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas


Eva Garen, Director, Environmental Leadership and Training Institute

Eva Garen is director of ELTI, which focuses in native species reforestation and contributes to the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems and biodiversity in tropical regions of Latin America and Asia. Previously, Dr. Garen was a REDD+ technical advisor for Conservation International.


REDD+ in DRC Congo

Peter Umunay

Yale School of Forestry &
Environmental Studies

Financing Sustainable Landscapes in Ethiopia

Andre Aquino

World Bank, Carbon Finance Unit


Amy Vedder

McCluskey fellow, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Amy Vedder is a former vice president of the Wildlife Conservation Society,  where she led efforts to work with local communities in Rwanda and protect mountain gorillas. She is the subject of the book Gorilla Mountain, the story of wildlife biologist Amy Vedder.


Developing REDD+ in Indonesia

Jesse Gerstin

Clinton Foundation

Subnational Forest Management in Indonesia

Miranti Zulkifli

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Unlocking forestland investment in Asia: Lessons from Vietnam and Indonesia

Xiaoting Hou

The Forests Dialogue