Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Chapter

Conserving Biodiversity across Multiple-Use Landscapes

The Yale Chapter of the International Society of Tropical Foresters is proud to present the topic of our 21st Annual Conference

Conserving Biodiversity across Multiple-Use Landscapes 
Through Strategic Governance and Land Use Planning

This year’s conference responds to the increasing rate of biodiversity loss from rapid land-use conversion in the tropics, climate change, and the urgent need to adopt a landscape approach to conservation. This strategy consists of multiple stakeholder efforts to employ governance and land-u se planning to facilitate biodiversity conservation across human-dominated, multiple-use landscapes.

The Conference will begin with a keynote address from the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity Executive Director Braulio Dias, and a response from a panel of high-level experts representing NGOs, private sector, government institutions, foundations, and academia. Additional panels and breakout sessions will be organized into the following streams:

1 - Reconciling conservation with multiple land uses
2 - Developing effective governance mechanisms
3 - Improving the financial sustainability of landscape conservation
4 - Leveraging data, technology and landscape planning tools